Pensacola Eats: Scenic 90 Cafe


Hello, Lovelies!

Last week, I stumbled upon one of the cutest local spots! If you are fan of 50s diners, you MUST make a stop here! The diner is located on the Scenic Hwy 90 (hence the name: Scenic 90 Cafe) which is a little out of the way of all the other touristy attractions. I think this is what makes this little restaurant so desirable to locals. 


I just had a cup of coffee with my chicken and waffles. It was absolutely delicious and I ate every bit. This is saying a lot since I am a very picky eater, ESPECIALLY with meat. (I like all white meat chicken with no veins or fat...I may or may not be a princess about my food) It was super filling which was great but also a disappointment since I didn't have enough room for the tasty looking pies displayed in the fridge behind the bar. Well, I guess that's a good enough reason to head back soon!

If you are local to the Pensacola area and have visited the Scenic 90 Cafe, feel free to share your experiences! If you haven't been, make sure to add that to the list of restaurants you need to try out.


Pensacola Eats: End of the Line Cafe


Hello, Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you a place I dragged my friend to last week. Neither of us are vegan but we were interested in the restaurant. I, of course was buying since her car battery died when she was picking me up from the airport. That's another adventure.


So we went to End of the Line Cafe. This place has a normal menu but for some reason on Thursday nights, they serve one "dinner". Everyone pays one price and receives the same appetizer, main entree, and desert along with tea and coffee. I am a very picky eater but I overcame my fear of tomatoes ruining the meal by touching "the good stuff" on the plate. (Tomatoes live a double life as a fruit and vegetable and I just don't trust them.) I was very impressed everything, especially dessert! I have a sweet tooth and I would like 20 more of these cupcakes! I will go back again to try the normal menu so I can make sure tomatoes don't sneak onto my plate again.



Pensacola Eats: My Favorite Things

Hi there, internet friends! This is the first post in my Pensacola series and I'm super excited to start with My Favorite Things! So if you are in the Pensacola area, and you need a local cafe (complete with mismatched patio furniture), this is the place for you. The decor is shabby chic and even Joanna Gaines herself would be impressed with the "Southern Antique-y" vibe. Once you get over the indoor twinkly lights, you will notice that this family owned restaurant has delicious food and excellent coffee! I, of course, got the unhealthiest item on the menu but I have no regrets. This meat and cheese sandwich is definitely a nightmare to vegans. I've only been for lunch but I hear (from other locals) that it is a great brunch spot too! I am OBSESSED with the Honey Buzz latte made with local honey! 5 Stars for both hot and cold versions. Finally you're stuffed and go to the cash register to pay your bill. The pay out station is located in a cute little boutique. This however is not pictured since I was too busy shopping! Be sure to check this little eatery out next time you are in town!