Gals With Grace

This is a women's community local to Pensacola backed by the beautiful, talented Jordan McKinney!


If you are a young lady located in Pensacola, FL (whether or not you just moved here or been here your entire life) you are 100% invited to this group!

My wonderful friend, Jordan, has started this community of women that get together on a weekly basis and talk about the latest book we are reading.


We have already gotten through Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley and we are half way done with Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. There is always plenty of wine and snacks to go around. We start with very relaxed conversation about our weeks and then we get into the videos. After the weekly video is completed, Jordan goes through the books' study guide questions. An open discussion starts and it is very enlightening!

I have learned a lot during these nights not only about God and community but about myself!


This group is very diverse in the since that we all come from different backgrounds, faiths, and reasons why we currently call Pensacola home. We have girls from all different denominations as well as girls that grew up atheist. There is no pressure to believe a certain way. It is just a group that can come together and have an open conversation about how to live a happy, fulfilled life. 


We also started going to local events together as a community. We attended a Wahoo's baseball game, Bands on the Beach, and the Fiesta Parade. We have designed a website with a calendar of events that we look forward to attending. Be sure to reach out if this sounds like something you would be interested in! We are always looking to meet new people!

Just bring a bottle of wine or a snack.