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Hello, Lovelies!

If you didn't know, I have a pup named Bentley. (If you don't know, have you been living under a rock?) I believe that he is a Chihuahua Papillon mix but he could be a number of other breeds. He's a shelter dog; I got him in college while I volunteered at a humane society. (I told my parents that I would definitely be coming home with a dog after working there. I'm weak.) He is my absolute best friend and my certified Emotional Support Animal. 


I don't usually go for graphic tees or any sort of clothing with words/phrases on it. However, this tee from Francesca's was so cute AND on the sale rack! I basically stole this top for $11! I paired it with one of my favorite Victoria Secret strappy sports bras. The only time I go to VS is when they are having their semi annual sale (I'm sorry that I don't splurge on my underwear). The jeans are my go-to jean brand, Kensie clothing. I have like 4 pairs of these jeans because they fit like a glove so if I blog about them a lot, it is because I LOVE THEM! In some of these photos, I am wearing my long cardigan from Ross (It got hot so it was quickly taken off). I also have a headband from Icing and my shoes are Keds that I got from Stein Mart. Both were at incredible prices! 


This session was located at Pensacola Bay Bluffs Park which is absolutely calm and gorgeous. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend visiting. It is a great backdrop for photos!


April Showers


Hello, Lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful April so far! I am determined to make this MY month. What does that mean? Keeping myself accountable and getting things DONE! I have way too many drafts and unedited pictures that are just sitting on my computer. Plus spring is my all time favorite season so I, of course, have an abundance of new/bloggable clothes! Let's get into it!


April is known for its rainy days and Florida does not disappoint on the precipitation scale. I was too obsessed with this outfit not to go out and face the elements to take a few photos. (with my new camera, I should add- still getting used to my DSLR) So here I am, post storm, in the fog, JUST FOR YOU. You're welcome.


This top is a wonderful Marshall's find from the brand Sienna Sky. I have got to be honest, after buying/wearing this shirt, I have gone back to buy more tops from this brand. (I now have 4...I don't have a problem) It's got the cinched waist/peplum detail that I love so much! Get you a shirt that shows off your features! The jeans are brand new Kensie jeans and they have the oh so popular (at the moment) raw/frayed hem line at the ankles. The shoes are Nine West and I got them for a great deal at TJ Maxx. Don't overpay, ladies. Marshall's and TJ Maxx to the rescue!


Casual Blazers


Hello, Lovelies!

Good news, I got myself a new camera! By that I mean, I bought an older model Nikon (D3300) off of Facebook Marketplace... so it is new to me. I've been playing around with all of the settings and I still haven't figured it all out yet. I am still taking photos of myself via tripod so it is difficult to be both the photographer and the model. Also, I am taking my lunch break to go out and take these shots of my outfits. So, excuse me if the lighting is tragic in these photos. I am doing the best that I can!


Now enough excuses, lets get straight into the clothes! Yay! You probably already notice some staple pieces that have been in multiple past posts. (Welcome back, long time reader) The Kate Spade purse and the bow ballet flats from Ross make several appearances in my blog because they are my favorites! The Kensie jeans are also worn very often... they are just so darn comfy! That leaves the the peplum top that I got from Marshall's junior section last season for $10 and the LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls navy blazer. I don't wear blazers too often because my work is very casual and I always feel way over dressed. BUT... I can easily dress it down with flats and jeans. I usually pair a blazer with a cotton tee to give it more of a casual vibe. Let me know what you think! What ways can you make a blazer more casual?


Pensacola Eats: Bon Beans Organic Coffee, Tea, & Juice

All photos were taken by Megan Perry! Hit her up, she is very talented!


Hello, Lovelies!

Today I get to share with you one of my favorite spots in North Pensacola! Bon Beans is a cute little coffee shop with high quality organic coffees and teas. They also have a bunch of sandwiches, muffins, and pastries (including gluten free and vegan). All of the coffee is fair trade where you can even trace the beans back to the farmers! You can go here to see where the beans come from in the world and even connect with the producers! If that doesn't excite you, then I don't know what will.


Now about the cozy little aesthetic... This place is the PERFECT little corner to study, read, or even play board games with friends. Just look up the class times of the Title Boxing Club next door if you don't have noise cancelling headphones. (It's not that bad, I'm just dramatic)


The pastries are so delicious and the coffee is outstanding! It was cold the last time I visited so I got a vanilla latte (basic, I know, get off my back) but my favorite is the frappe style matcha latte...mmmmhmmm that stuff is my weakness! So good! But not only do they have the basic coffee menu, they do juices and smoothies too! So if you gave up coffee for lent or just got your teeth whitened and can't hang with coffee at the moment, go for one of these options! I will link the menu right...about...HERE!


What are you waiting for? Explore my new favorite coffee shop!

Sweaters and Animal Print


Hello, Lovelies!

Christmas has come and gone already this year. Am I the only one who thought it completely snuck up on us? This year has just been a blur with all the fun activities! And like this year, this intro will be swift...onto the outfit!


These Kensie charcoal denim have been a fan favorite (by fan, I mean me...let's be real, I don't have a huge following). They are light enough to pair with black and not look like I am completely washed out. I like have neutral clothing when I decide to wear something CRAZY like animal print. The cheetah print shoes are from TJ Maxx (online buy). I don't wear them too often because I am not a "loud" print kinda girl. When I wear them, I like to tone down the rest of my outfit. The long sleeve top with a tie back and ruffle bottom is also from TJ Maxx. Since it was a bit chilly out, I threw on this purple fuzzy sweater that I got (on clearance, whoop!) from Target last year. One complaint on this sweater is that I FIND PURPLE FUZZIES EVERYWHERE after I wear it. (The price you pay, I guess). I topped off this look with a double necklace from Francesca's. The long part of the chain is pretty distracting for my ADD but it's pretty!

I hope y'all had a very merry Christmas with your loved ones! God Bless.

Long Cardi


Hello, Lovelies!

I have been MIA lately since I have been studying for my PMP certification. PMP stands for Project Management Professional and I have been taking classes twice a week. I've been spending my extra time (that I usually use to blog) studying for my exam. I've been taking photos but I haven't had a chance to share them! So here is an outfit that I wore in October!

For some reason lately, I have enjoyed dressing up simple tees. I like to be able to be comfortable in a stylish way. I am pretty sure I have been wearing sports bras to work every day for the past few months. No shame. They are comfy and sports bras nowadays have cool straps that don't look tacky if they show. True Life: I am obsessed with sports bras. 


Everything about this outfit is pretty much self explanatory but let me break it down anyways. The black dress pants are from Michael Kors and they are pretty much my go-to pants if I am running late. They go with practically everything. The cozy, soft tee is from Marshall's. These Marc Fisher block heels with an ankle strap were a find at Ross along with the long sweater. I believe the belt was a freebee that I got when I purchased some shorts from Forever 21 several years ago. I liked the floral pattern with all the other neutral items. Tell me what you think!


Best At Home Teeth Whitening Experience


Hello, Lovelies!

Are you like me and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the mornings? How about a nice glass of red wine in the evenings? Does your smile reflect your lifestyle choices? Are you looking for a simple way to brighten that smile? Do you want me to stop with the questions and start with the answers already?


I had the pleasure of working with Smile Brilliant through a sponsorship these past few months. Smile Brilliant is a custom-fitted teeth whitening kit. This cruelty-free and vegan product tailors to your smile in both fit and sensitivity! On top of all that, whitening gel is backed by years of research by the pro dentists themselves. I had the pleasure of working with Smile Brilliant through a sponsorship these past few months. Smile Brilliant is a custom-fitted teeth whitening kit. This cruelty-free and vegan product tailors to your smile in both fit and sensitivity! On top of all that, whitening gel is backed by years of research by the pro dentists themselves. 

The first box I got in the mail was my very own teeth impressions kit! (If, as a kid, I ever had the slightest dream to be a dentist, this "project" definitely fulfilled a piece of it.) Included in this package were:

  • 2 impression trays
  • 3 Base putties
  • 3 Catalyst putties
  • 3 Whitening syringes
  • 3 Desensitizing syringes
  • Instructions



After thoroughly reading the instruction card, I created my own impression trays. (Never have I been more proud of myself) It is a simple process but you only have a limited amount of time before the putty hardens. I am not going to lie, when I first saw that I only got 3 tries to get 2 perfect impressions, I was a wee bit scared!


I mixed together the Base and the Catalyst the best that I could, stuck the mixture in one of the impression trays and carefully bit down. I did the top set of teeth first and of course messed up! I tried the bottom set of teeth, then used that extra putty the kit provided to redo the upper set. I rinsed them off, waited for the impressions to dry and shipped them off in the pre-addressed envelope (also provided).


 I got my custom fitted trays in the mail a few weeks after. Using the syringes from the previous package, I started by whitening journey! I brushed my teeth with water first and again after with normal toothpaste. My Desensitizing syringes were barely used because I, personally, didn't need them. This honestly surprised me since I have had my teeth professionally whitened and have used a bunch of at home kits and my teeth would always result in sensitivity! This might've been because my sessions were spaced decently apart. I noticed that my smile brightened!


If you would like a chance to win one of theses kits, please enter to win at the link below! You can also use my coupon code to receive $15 off of your whitening trays.

Coupon Code: whatisshewehring15

Enter Giveaway: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/whatisshewehring

Holland Farms

Image 10-23-17 at 5.03 AM.jpg

Hello Lovelies!

I am finally getting around posting this! It's been a month since I was here but ya know, life... Yeah, I wish I would have posted this sooner since Holland Farms is no longer open for the autumn season but starting November 21st, the Christmas season begins!

Image 10-23-17 at 5.08 AM.jpg

Holland farms had the cutest little pumpkin patch about an hour northeast of Pensacola in Milton, FL. For the fall, there were a ton of family fun activities, a field of sunflowers, a corn maze, and pumpkin picking. They even had sample cups of boiled peanuts! I have personally never had boiled peanuts so I am not a good judge of the food (it doesn't help that I am a picky eater) but I was impressed! 

Image 10-23-17 at 5.00 AM.jpg

I definitely would recommend you check it out next fall or even later in the Christmas season! For more information visit www.hollandfarmsonline.com


Fringe and Lace Up Block Heels


Hello, Lovelies!

Recently I have been experimenting with dressing up certain elements of my closet and this is the perfect example. I am going through a weird phase with my dress pants and we are taking a much needed break from each other. I love cozy dress pants but since I gain all my weight in my bottom region, (I know what an problem!) they don't fit me quite right anymore. I know I need to use this as motivation to lose a few LBs but for now, it is all about jeans! (Specifically these Kensie jeans from TJ Maxx)


This works for me since most people in my office wear jeans on the reg so I am not out of place. As for me, I don't wear jeans without other elements of my outfit to "jazz up". Exhibit A: these Christian Siriano lace up heels from Payless Shoe Source! Can you believe these were only 20 bucks an some change?? Heck yes! I am so glad Payless decided to team up with one of the best previous Project Runway winners to provide an affordable shoe. Whoop!


I actually got this shaw-looking-thing in college at a local tent sale put on by Aggieland Outfitters. It made a brief appearance at a football game but has been hiding in the back of my closet since then. I love shaws but I need to be careful of the bagginess and how it hangs on my broad shoulders. I am not complaining about my body, I just know how it affects the clothing I choose to wear. That is why I encourage the understanding of body types and not all of us can be Victoria Secret models. It is exponentially easier to go shopping when you understand your body. 


Y'all, It's Fall!


Hello, Lovelies!

This weekend, I ended up at Goodwill. I love shopping at Goodwill because I feel like I am giving articles of clothing a second chance. I bought a few items that I will discuss later this week but this post is centered around this maxi skirt. I'm channeling my inner Rachel Green with this outfit. I really like the cutout details at the base of this skirt and the slit is so 90's. 

I also recently bought these Marc Fisher block heels with an ankle strap from Ross. I am obsessed with the color maroon since I went to Texas A&M University and that shade is always welcome in my closet. Also, the scallops are such a chic detail.


I got this Kate Spade satchel when I went to the outlet shops in San Diego. I got it for a really good price! This is my first black over the shoulder bag (For some reason I seem to gravitate to either brown or blush bags).


This hat is a few years old but I got it from T.J. Maxx and the brand is BCBG Generation. I love this hat for fall so I definitely wanted to add it to my first fall outfit this year. 


Maroon Out


Hello, Lovelies!

It's no secret that I went to Texas A&M University for my undergrad and my closet definitely reflects that. I have so many pieces in my beloved maroon color. I definitely seek it out and in this dress' case, I don't mind the pattern. If you look very close, there is an animal print. It is so small that it seems subtle. I actually found this Loft wrap dress from Style Encore in The Woodlands, Texas this past weekend. Yes, feeding my shopping addiction (I blame you, mom). I just love finding quality brands discounted. I don't mind 2nd hand (I honestly prefer it) just because I believe recycling clothing is better for the environment. Don't worry, I won't get all hippie on you but I just think that we produce way garbage (Okay, I'm jumping off this soap box).

I got this oversized cardigan from Ross not too long ago with all the other sweaters recently on the blog. It is perfect for my chilly office! The wrists include silver button detail.

I just threw on these pointed toe flats that I got from Kohl's back when I was in high school. These are definitely some old faithfuls. The point on the toe is a bit "stubbed" but they work all the same!

That's all for now xoxo!



Hello, Lovelies!

This weekend I took Bentley on a long walk throughout Downtown Pensacola. We walked several blocks in North Hill and took photos. Somehow we ended up at Pensacola Bay Brewery. For casual Saturdays I usually gravitate towards a light tee and jean shorts. I threw on my Calvin Klein sneakers and cheap sunglasses and called it a day. Bentley is sporting a pink collar with marlin details. 

Chilly in Pensacola?


Hello, Lovelies!

This past week, in Pensacola, there was a major cool front which was our saving grace from Hurricane Irma. We barely got any rain but the winds were strong and cool (which is a first in this southern town). It was absolutely perfect weather and I even found myself on the beach Saturday.  However, I wrote this blog post 2 weeks ago when it was still scorching hot so I made minor [edits].

I don't know about y'all, but I love to be comfortable when I am in the office. I sit in a cubical all day, I want to be wearing stretchy clothes that keeps me warm in the freezing building. The problem with layering is that when you walk outside, [usually] Florida hits you hard in the face. The humidity [usually] works with the heat to thaw out my frozen body. Not even seconds after crossing the threshold, I [usually] have to take off my layers (which can be very annoying). This particular duster has more time before its expiration due to the crochet material. I got it from Ross along with a bunch of other cardigans of the same length (I was on a mission and got 3 in tan, black, and gray....I love them!). 

These shoes have been all over my Instagram and I have gotten so many compliments! I got them again from Ross (remember, mission); they are by the brand Report. Bows are definitely my thing (everyone has a thing, don't judge). 

I got this top at Marshall's awhile back and I figured it would be perfect for the summer-to-fall transition. Y'all know how much I love Marshall's finds!

The pants are really not important...aka I don't remember where I bought them from since it was quite some time ago. I had them in college and I remember wearing them to job interviews. That's about all I know about them...mystery pants...

Last Summer Post!


Hello, Lovelies!

Apparently it is too late in the year to wear this dress....BUUUUUUUUT I live in Florida and the rules don't apply to me! I'm not gonna say that I am special, but I don't mind having a forever floral closet. Anyways, I bought this Banana Republic dress when I went to San Diego to the outlet mall (Oh my goodness, quit talking about your dang vacation!). I want to say this dress retailed for around $130. I got it on sale for....wait for it.....drum roll....I'm now dragging it out now for comedic purposes...$21.93!!

These are the Nine West ankle strap, block heels that I've worn all summer. They are a perfect neutral color that can honestly be worn year round (I don't know about the northern folk though, it might be a wee bit to chilly). 

And I'm finally going to say it. I have this ugly Fitbit on in every picture in every blog post (seriously, you can play the game of Find the Fitbit on my blog). It's not even a high tech one; it doesn't even tell time! I really like having a Fitbit and being able to track my activity but the thing is visually displeasing (aka, hideous). There are not any cute bracelets for this version unless I want to drop 200 big ones on a Tory Burch bracelet. I'm sorry, no. I bought a Kate Spade activity tracker but I am having technical difficulties (the app won't sync to the watch). I always forget to take the Fitbit off when I start taking photos. So there it is!


Working Girl


Hello, Lovelies!

I actually wore this outfit last Friday to work. When I took these pictures I guess I was out during the creep hour of Pensacola. As many of you know, I take most of my photos myself via tripod. (I have amazing friends that I drag out every now and then, don't I sound like a blessing?) On this particular day, I was setting up my tripod and I got whistled at 3 times! This makes me livid! I am not a dog and no woman enjoys that disgusting feeling of being whistled at. I was already pretty upset about that dirtbag and during my mini shoot, I got whistled at 2 MORE TIMES! Not okay. I know that it is viewed as a compliment to them.

Anyways, this outfit consists of my new Loft maxi skirt and a shirt I got from TJ Maxx forever and a day ago. I also got these sandal wedges from Bealls Outlet. Its a really nice outfit with a really nice background that was ruined by 2 idiots. There ya go.



Hello, Lovelies!

I recently went on vacation to see my friends that moved to San Diego in March! I was so happy to see my friend, Megan, and her husband as they took us (I dragged my brother with me) around the city! These photos were actually taken while the boys waited at our dinner table. (Come on, the sun only works for you for an hour before it sets) 

The dress is actually Lilly Pulitzer that I got at least 6 months ago at a killer sale price. It is honestly too fancy for anything in my life. (I've got nothing going on) I tried to dress it down with my denim vest that I got from Goodwill! The shoes are also on the more casual side. They are Lucky Brand that I got from TJ Maxx!