Wine About It

I'm back in Pensacola now but let's give Nashville one more "hoorah"!

I don't always pose with alcohol but when I do, it's pinot noir. (Also had to hold it in some pictures because a fly flew in it and I didn't want a bug party in my glass) According to Grandma Wehring, pinot noir is the healthiest type of wine. (And just if you don't believe my cute little 83 year old grandmother, I looked up some facts for you) Most red wines contain a phytonutrient that helps fight cancer cells and decreases the chance of brain and heart disease. Pinot noir does all of this plus contains the least amount of calories. (BONUS!) Can you tell my family and I love wine? But this is not a wine blog, and I am certainly not an expert on the subject.

I did a lot of shopping while I was in Nashville. (Definitely spent more than I wanted to but I regret nothing...Hear that account parents?) When packing for Nashville, I didn't take into account that I was going to be there for an entire month and the weather would change. It got a lot colder than I prepared. But there was no reason to panic because I have a gift and it's called shopaholism. (I know, autocorrect, it is not an official "word" but you get what I mean) I went to an outlet mall and walked out with bags all down my arms. Nothing can top this feeling! Everyone looks at you and thinks that you're so rich but they don't know that you still eat mac and cheese from a box every night. So I can happily say that almost my entire fall wardrobe is from Tennessee. That includes this cute floppy hat from a local boutique, the vest that I got from a designer resale shop and this long sleeve tee from Old Navy. 

So now y'all know about my love for wine and my reckless shopping sprees, I ought to wrap this up before I start blogging about more of my issues. (insert winky face)