Hooray, It is officially fall! Also, I took these pictures minutes after falling up the stairs... story of my life.

Stairs are hard but what is even more difficult is dressing for the constantly changing temperature. If you are in the South like I am, you know that the weather in September and October is more fickle than a child with a short attention span. One day you will be sweating your newly make upped face off in shorts and a tank while the next will be sweater weather. How can a fashionista keep up? Honestly, I am not the best at wearing the correct attire for the weather. It seems that even though I look at the temperature before hand, the weather always throws a curveball at me.  However, there are a few actions that you can't go wrong with. So here are my tips for dressing in September and October:

1.  Coordinate with friends or roommates

This is a huge plus especially if your friends have a similar style as you. Y'all can all coordinate outfits where you all suffer together in either the hot or cold. (Somehow this makes it more manageable) When the squad is on the same page, what can go wrong? Once again, I do not have that luxury since my only roommate is my (judgmental) dog, Bentley. I take my best guess and go for it.

2.  Wear layers

Wearing layers is perfect for those southern days that are cold in the morning but warm up to a "slow simmer" in the afternoon. I always bundle in layers because I am constantly freezing cold. My biggest problem with this, however, is that once it gets warm, I now have to carry a bundle of garments. One plus is that it is now trendy to wear sweaters wrapped around the waist. I remember this was a thing back in the early 2000s, growing up. Once I hit middle school the fad finally faded and I couldn't look like a fool at that age! Middle school is serious, you have to carry your own sweaters!!! (or just continue to wear it and become that sweaty kid no one wants to sit by at lunch because they smelled like a dirty sock)

3.  Whatever you decide, rock it

Even if you are not comfortable in the climate, just continue to work it. I've taken advice from my lovely grandmother, Doris, when it comes to being cold or hot. "Mind over matter", she says. The more you think about not shivering/sweating, the less you will. It is important to remain confident even if you don't feel it. I have learned that for every negative thought you have about why you shouldn't have worn that outfit, at least one other stranger is thinking you look damn fine! So stop  with those crazy thoughts and enjoy your day!

I hope this helps with those crazy, southern fall days!