Where Have You Been?

Warning: this post is real life about to hit pretty hard. Prepare yourself...

I realize I haven't posted in quite a while but I am back at it again. I have been trying to get back into my routine but it is pretty difficult without Bentley here. (Don't worry, he didn't die or anything, he is just with the grandparents in Houston) I have been focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and going to Delta Life classes at least twice a week (they kick my butt). I've been eating an organic diet and focusing on my well being so much so that I haven't had a chance to update y'all on my current state of the union. To be completely honest, (which I have always been with y'all) I have been pretty down lately. I was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago and since being medicated, I have been better than I ever have... that is until now. I'm not going to sit here and throw myself a pity party, I'm here to help you understand that this is a very real mental illness or let you know that you are not alone if you are feeling the same way.

Social media has a huge impact on depression even if we don't realize it. When we already have unwanted negative thoughts in our heads and see all the positive things everyone else is doing, those thoughts increase. Of course no one ever posts when they are feeling down or angry. If we did, the world would definitely be more glum. Well just know that even though I am smiling in the pictures that I take, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows over here. I am a real human being and I am pretty blunt so I am not going to pretend that for the past few weeks I was on top of the world. However, since I have been focusing on my health so much, I am finally starting to get out of my slump. You know what that means? More sarcastic blog posts coming right at cha!! 

On the brighter side of things, fall weather hasn't hit Florida yet so it is still in the 70s and 80s. That means that I get to pull off cute booties and dress combos. This season I have been completely obsessed with vests (or what I like to call Florida jackets...{that's not a thing, I just made it up on the spot and to be honest, I don't regret it}). I did a collaboration with ilymix.com which I will do a complete post on that at a later date. (I just got my shipment in yesterday!) So stay tuned for cute blanket scarves and sunglasses with...WHAT... a 20% discount code that...WHAT... never expires???? Is it Christmas yet because this is downright magical!

Love y'all! Thanks for being patient with me!