Fall Florals

If fall and spring decided to have a baby, that kid would be my best friend!

Confession: I love fall but spring is by far my favorite season for fashion. Light pastel colors, flowery prints, CAPRI PANTS! (I could sing the entire Favorite Things song inserting all my beloved spring attire) Fall is my favorite for absolutely everything else. What can beat weekends packed with football, cooler weather, and the coziness of daylight savings? Well, let me just tell you! FLORALS IN THE FALL! Somebody pinch me because surely I am deep in a daydream! NOPE! (Sorry for all the excitement, if I could write this whole post in all caps without y'all thinking I'm completely insane, I would) I LOVE FLORAL! I feel as though nature's equivalent to fashion is its ability to grow flowers. (I know, I know. I just changed your world view) Naturally, we need to celebrate this beautiful occurrence by wearing florals year round. (Woah, slow down, Rachel...one season at a time) Now it is officially trendy to wear florals during the fall months. Of course this only includes the darker prints but rules were made to be broken. (insert scheming face) 

Flowers are one of the top ten things that make me happy. (The other 9 I will get to at a later date) I love photographing gardens and there are fake flowers throughout my entire apartment. Live flowers are great for a short period of time but I am not home often enough to enjoy them to their deserved amount. Growing up, (yup, story time about little Rach) I used to pick my mother bouquets of wild flowers (which I later found out were just weeds) and she would put them in water for us to appreciate them for a few days. My dad would always get upset that there were weeds in a vase on his table. Also, when I was in 2nd grade, my friends and I would always spend recess in a field making flower crowns and other "weed" jewelry. What can I say, I was "blooming" into a flower obsessed fashionista. And look at me now, I am a fashion blogger with bad puns and a sarcastic writing style... dreams do come true! (stay in school, kids)