Weekend Vibes

Obviously it's a Monday today but I wore this outfit on Friday to Gallery Night in downtown Pensacola. Oh, and I got some new equipment!

Most of the time, I try on several different outfits before I commit to going out in one. When I get ready, I call it "Hurricane Rachel" because there will be articles of clothing thrown all over my apartment. This post exposed that in mid shoot; I decided to change everything except the purple lace shorts. I've had these shorts for 4 years and I'm pretty sure this was the second time I have worn them. I love how this blog forces me to go through all of my older clothes!

I was going to an event downtown which was pretty casual and I figured I'd be more comfortable in sandals than my new lace up heels. Although both outfits are similar, I usually gage the event that I am headed to and allow that to affect my final decision. I love heels and would wear them everyday if I could but since I knew I was going to be doing quite a bit of walking, I went with the comfy choice. In Pensacola, it is always extremely humid so I chose a braid crown to avoid the crazy humidity effects I would face later in the evening. I personally love tucking in my shirt because of my body proportions. Does it work? You tell me!