Boss Lady

Warning: Some bitchy looks were involved in the making of this post. Proceed with caution.

Congratulations, you made it through! The one word that kept running through my mind when I was shooting this session was "FIERCE". This is the epitome of my style: classy and confident. This Michael Kors dress is so modest but somehow incredibly sexy. I paired it with some Bar III heels that are surprisingly comfortable. My office is pretty casual but I'd rather dress for the job that I want than the one that I have. When I feel good about myself, I work better because I'm not bogged down by negative thoughts running through my head. Instead I'm focused on being my absolute best because I feel my absolute best! As women, we do not need to show off a lot of skin to feel sexy and attract attention. Bonus: the attention that you attract with this sort of outfit is positive attention! And that is my best style advice for you.

(Cue mic drop)