Hot Heels

Today, I brought y'all to the beautiful park downtown. Also, don't mean to toot my own horn, but look who is getting better at photography! 


Today was the first day in two and a half months that I repeated an outfit at work. I try my hardest to go as long as possible without repeating outfits so that I wear all garments in my closet. This way when I go back in and realize that I haven't worn something in several "cycles" of my closet, I know to get rid of it. I can't help but love this dress. I, of course, didn't copy the complete outfit but added new accessories. This belt matches my red high heels perfectly. (I know, you don't have to tell me how hot these kicks are) I channelled my inner Kellie Pickler and kick guys to the curb in these babies. It's a song, y'all... like a need shoes to do that. (insert winking face)

Let me break this outfit down for you. The dress is from Charming Charlie along with the gold watch that you see very often. The heels are actually from Shoe Depot that I got for a really good deal. To be honest, I have only worn them 3 times. I feel as though you need a reason to wear them but maybe I'm wrong. 

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