Comfortably Stylish

Y'all, I figured out the secret of life!! 

This small little piece of advice will allow you to get where you want to go in life. Some of y'all who don't believe in the power of fashion and personal style may be skeptical. But personally, I believe that comfort leads to confidence which indirectly leads to success. When I feel comfortable in my own skin or the clothes that I wear, I can take on the world. When my clothes properly fit me and I'm not constantly tugging or readjusting anything, I am pretty much having a good day. Now comfort does not equal gross ill-fitting grungy clothing. (Don't get that twisted!) I'm about to get real personal with y'all. I have social anxiety and I have the absolute worst thoughts running through my head constantly. It has prevented me from feeling confident for the longest time. Thoughts would cross my mind that people perceived me as ugly or thought my clothes weren't up to their standards. I would have friends tell me all the time to not care what people thought of me. But with this form of anxiety, it is nearly impossible. I found that those thoughts were silenced once I found clothes that I didn't have pull up or down and I felt put together. When your mind is clear, you can focus on what is really important. Be the best, most successful you that you can possibly be.

This dress is so easy to wear because the hem and neck line are both pretty modest. It is from Kohl's in the LC Lauren Conrad Collection. I paired it with a black blazer which I got over 7 years ago from Forever 21 but the fit is beyond perfect. What is the most comfy dress shoe? black pointed toe flats which are also from Kohl's. Introducing my Kate Spade handbag! I bought this bag with my first paycheck from my internship last summer. SO WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am obsessed with Kate Spade! Add a belt, some pearls, and red lipstick and you've got an a stylish comfy outfit. I kicked some major butt in this ensemble!