Express yourself

Do you, girl! (or guy. I am open to everyone!)

So I have posted on how clothes may give you confidence but have yet to explain how confidence can really affect your day to day life. Once your feel good about yourself in your own skin, you have better posture, you smile more, and you are all around more approachable. In today's society, I consider it a compliment when a stranger approaches me. Since our world revolves around our own lives and our attention is held by our phones, if somebody takes a second to look up, I feel blessed that they choose me out of everyone around to talk to. This also depends where you live, too. I wouldn't take it as such a compliment if I was approached by someone who is about to mug me. But even then, I look expensive enough to someone that they want to take from me. (insert shrug?) 

I've noticed that as soon as I started my job and began dressing more put together, I felt lighter and can focus on becoming  a successful woman. I went from dressing like a college kid wearing giant t-shirts and homeless apparel (no hate on college kids because I have definitely had my days) to wearing designer clothes. Most people believe that this is superficial but I look at it as investing in first impressions. Nothing is free and you just have to decide what is important to you. Personally, I think that first impressions are kinda a big deal and appearance is a major influence. I want my first impression to give off the same vibe that my personality would. This way, I attract the sort of people that might get along with my personality. (Yeah, Rachel, we know all of this. We have all attended high school) Okay, sarcastic reader, but the adult world is a little more difficult. Although I have only been an adult for, what, 3 months now, I can give just a bit of insight. Guess what, y'all? Adults must work. Mind blown? This doesn't mean that you have to immediately dress like a 51 year-old woman, right, mom? (My mom's style is very similar to mine and she doesn't look a day over 29) Personal style is very important in the work place for the simple fact that you should feel like yourself. Now, your attire should be tasteful and appropriate to your position. I cannot stress to you enough that when you force yourself to wear clothes that just aren't you, you will feel uncomfortable all day and therefore your job will suffer. If you dress bomb and got yourself together, you will kick some major butt. If you do have to wear a uniform, use accessories to express your style. Dressing yourself is one of the best way to express yourself, it is an art.

Today you can tell your friends that you gained insight on the intellectual discussion of self expression. Did they seem jealous? Well don't be selfish! Share this post with them and watch as the lightbulb clicks on in their heads. Y'all are welcome.