Being Present

I will forewarn you that this week's post is less about fashion and more about my personal lifestyle.

Moving to Pensacola was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It is not because of all the cute naval flight students (that is just a bonus). It is because of the relaxed, laid back lifestyle. I am used to the fast paced, impatient attitude of the average Houstonian. I am a planner that is three steps ahead of myself at all times. This trait, although not completely undesirable, made me more uptight than any crazy bride on Bridezillas. The smallest things that went wrong were equivalent to World War 3 in my head because it ruined several steps of the sequence I had planned. I lost quite a few friends that couldn't handle my stress levels. I couldn't understand why they couldn't see my issues from my point of view. 

Pensacola forced me to change my lifestyle. The little beach town taught me to be spontaneous and live in the now. This in itself has made me realize I shouldn't live in my imagination of how my future should be and become depressed once it didn't pan out to how I envisioned. I don't recommend that way of life to anyone. I also discovered the power of meditation. I've been active in yoga classes since the 8th grade but just enjoyed the ASMR of the last 5 minutes of class. Recently, I have really focused on being present and living in the moment. This simple little task has helped me and my happiness immensely. I feel more fulfilled and content every day and every moment. I have ditched most of my anxiety and depression by changing these few things in my life. I encourage you to find a way to enjoy every single moment that you are in without worrying about the future or dwelling in the past.

Leave a comment if you are a meditation expert in disguise or found a different way to be present. Too shy? Send me an email at; I want to hear your story!