Feeling like a Million Bucks

Less than two minutes after I took these photos it decided to pour down rain. I consider myself and my equipment lucky!

Black House White Market is one of my favorite stores for my work attire. It is a little on the pricy side for a recent graduate that is still trying to get her life together but if you know how to shop sales, you are on your way. As you probably guessed, my name is Rachel and I am a shopaholic. (insert "Hi, Rachel") Most people like me have a hard time with finances but since I am blessed with two accountant parents, they keep me on the straight and narrow. (True story: I called my dad on his birthday and he started talking about my 401K!) I have learned to shop sales and research other stores that might sell the product for cheaper. This way I spread my money out so I am never in the red. (Why is she talking about all this? Get back to the fashion, Rachel!) Okay, okay, impatient readers, this dress was uber cheap after the additional discount off the sales price. I don't even feel guilty buying it, besides the fact that I feel bomb in it! (insert cool hashtag that is equally bomb) These shoes are from Kohl's in the LC Lauren Conrad collection and all jewelry, except for my FTA ring (Non Ags will have to look that one up), is from Charming Charlie. You might have noticed my haircut (if not, you are probably a guy...typical guys) called the lob, or long bob. I had no plans of cutting it short, it was very spontaneous which is not like me at all! It is just so hot and humid in Pensacola (worse than anywhere in Texas) and I decided that it needed to go. Bye, hair!