This is for all those college kids about to have adulthood thrust upon them.

When I graduated college, all I wanted was structure. I could not stand the fact that one day I had four classes and the next I had none. This of course was the anal, uptight me speaking. I figured that if I stuck to a schedule, then I could plan out my day better and get more things done. I was warned of the monotony of the 8-5 work day but was optimistic that I would still be productive. Hahaha! If I could go back, I would slap that stupid smile off my own face! It is one thing to be optimistic about adult life but it is another to think that I could be superwoman. It is a miracle if I do my own laundry within three weeks rather than let it pile up. Everything that I do, I have to give up something else for. I'm a flipping clown at a circus trying to juggle all my responsibilities. Can I afford being dead at work tomorrow to go to the last local baseball game of the year tonight? Should I give up eating a nice meal for these darling shoes? Does my dog hate me because I am going out this Friday? Should I save my calories for dessert because this breakfast muffin looks too good to pass up! Some might look at my "problems" and laugh. (Don't worry, I'm laughing too in between my tears) My life literally consists of my job, my dog, and my blog. Everything else is a variable given these 3 constants. (and yes, I did just go science-y on y'all... I am an engineer after all) Since my time is limited each day, I have to prioritize and end up sacrificing a lot. I am still trying to figure out life so I am completely open to any suggestions on time management. I thought I had a good grasp but I am quickly realizing that my life is flying by. I'd give anything just to build a fort from a blanket, grab a few bags of Doritos and not come out for a week.