make your own rules

This week, I took y'all to the public library so be prepared to gain some major knowledge. 

Let me start by stating that yes, I live in Florida. Yes, it is 100+ degrees every single day in the summer as well as extremely humid. Don't let this happy face fool you, I am completely melting during every photoshoot. I dress for my office (which is extremely cold) since I'm there 8 hours a day no matter how hot it is outside. This outfit is more of a spring look but I don't like fashion rules, so here I am. (I can wear white pants in the winter if I darn well please) 

I just got these new Restricted lace up heels from Tj Maxx and I am OBSESSED! You will definitely see them in several other posts because they rock! These navy dress pants are from Macy's and I actually got them at the gigantic store in New York. I literally could spend several days in the 11 floor department store! This blouse is from Kohl's in the LC Lauren Conrad collection. I love her and all of her clothes and shoes! True story: Kohl's asked if they could use one of my pictures for their social media!!! (*insert fan girl scream*) This purse is also from Tj Maxx and if it looks beaten up that is because it is definitely well used. It is the perfect size for my lack of portable necessities. Annnnd we are just going to skip over the fact that my hair never looks good in this humidity...