In a Rut?

Oh, hey! It's been a minute, hasn't it?

So I had a mini break from posting my blog last week but I am totally back now!

We have all had that time period where we feel as though we are in a rut. Everything is a routine and everyday seems to go the same way. We have the same conversations over and over with our coworkers and all tasks are just as mundane as the day before. We turn ourselves on autopilot and realize our lives are just passing us by. This is where I currently am. Summer is officially over and many can relate to the everyday monotonous schedule of school or work. I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know the cure to this common crisis. I will, however, admit that I am human just like you and will try new ways to improve my happiness while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So I invite you to join me in the process of getting out of our rut. We are in this together!

Most people find it very difficult to change their lifestyle because they go about it all the wrong way. They try to change everything at once. You can totally do this for a week but you won't be able to keep it going because it is absolutely exhausting! Also, we live in an instant gratification society that will not continue a routine if it isn't providing results within a certain amount of time. So I will give some suggestions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and you can choose to go on this journey with me. If you are completely happy and content with your current routine, and just would like to see my adventure, that is totally fine too! I am just doing this because I am already 6 feet deep in this giant rut that I made for myself. You can't change overnight and won't be yourself if you try to change EVERYTHING. Take it day by day, week by week, month by month if you have to.

For the next four weeks, I will be in Nashville, TN for a work related training trip. I will use this time to develop a routine that I will hopefully adopt full time when I go back to Pensacola. Each week I will be focusing on a different healthy practice. This week I am focusing on eating healthy. I will document my choices and by the end of the week, I will give an update on my mood, and feeling. This is totally experimental but I have high hopes!

By the way, for those who really only come here for the outfit inspiration, I haven't forgot about you! I got this cute army green blazer for really cheap at Body Central. Shocked? So, was I when I found this gem. True story behind this purchase was that I was in desperate need of a stylish ensemble for a date later that night. If you know anything about shopping in College Station, TX, you'll know that you won't find the Post Oak Mall reliable. That mall consists of vacant spaces where shops SHOULD go. Anyways, found this, had an amazing date (S/O to Tyler) and now it serves its purpose in making me look chic af. (I did drop the af here, don't judge.) My tank was a recent purchase from... don't make me lie... probably Marshall's or TJ Max. The pants are Michael Kohrs (most likely bought from Marshall's or TJ Max). The heels are so cute from Kohl's but me being super impatient, wanted them instantly so I bought a half size too small. I couldn't wait to go home and buy them online. Now my feet pay the price every time I wear them. I barely can feel my toes but look how fierce they make me!