Step Up

I updated my site, you like?

Being in Nashville for a month has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone. I usually like to try new things but I hate going alone and if I don't find someone to go with, I end up staying at home. I definitely missed out on a lot of fun experiences due to not finding the right people to go with. Well for the first two weeks of being here, I was completely by myself in a new city, knowing no one. I wasn't about to mope around in my hotel for a month, so researched touristy places to visit. I went around downtown on my own tour and got to enjoy small talk with some locals. I am usually not an advocate for traveling alone, especially as a woman, mainly because I'm overly cautious. I think that we need to experience vulnerability at one point in our lives. Put yourself out there and do what you want, even if that means going solo.

I wore this outfit to an cute little vegetarian restaurant in East Nashville in this up and coming trendy part. I am by no means a vegetarian and love steak just as much as the next southern girl. Since I was on the company's dime, I figured I could try something new and if I didn't like it, I could afford to go somewhere else afterwards. I had a giant salad and (bare with me, now) a Strawberry Vanilla Beet Smoothie. It was absolutely delicious! (which shocked me too) I enjoyed my food but not so much the atmosphere of the place. It seemed as though I received disgusting looks from every person within the joint. I am always friendly and greet everyone I meet and usually get a positive response. The people there were absolutely hands down the most judgmental people I have ever encountered. No one made eye contact but you know when you are getting the side eye. They were not like the Austin, TX or Portland, OR "free spirit" people that I have encountered before. They exuded bad vibes and didn't take kindly to my fashionista style. Oh well, I went ahead and took pictures along the wall of their restaurant.