Go Together

When your outfit just goes together, better than the ending Grease song!

This is a prime example where everything just fits. I'm not talking about the fact that everything is the correct size for me. I mean that every piece of clothing matches the next in regards to my own set of guidelines. I will get into to this in detail later but for now, I want to stress the importance of dressing for the occasion. I literally did the complete opposite of this so I'm giving advise based on my own mistake. (you're welcome) I didn't have anywhere to go the night I shot this outfit. (lame, I know) It was much hotter than I realized when I left the hotel and was low key dying at this shoot. If I had somewhere to be, I would have been a pool of sweat on the floor. I should have kept this outfit for Monday when the cool front moved through. (but, I am extremely impatient and will not wait for anyone, including the weather) Also, there is no way I would ever wear this shirt to a place where I am easily excited (like a FTA football game) because I can't lift my arms. You must carry yourself according to your outfit. I would wear this to a nice dinner where I must act like a lady. (and my arms don't get too happy and are kept at my side)

So how does this outfit work according to my standards? First of all, the entire ensemble is dark and I added a little pop with my red lipstick. The neckline of this shirt is very sleek and sexy so I didn't want to take away any character with a big statement necklace. Instead, I went with this small delicate gold choker. This shirt is also on the longer side (almost a tunic) so I paired it with gray leggings. The shirt wouldn't do well with bulky jeans and, in my opinion, would come off a little frumpy. Leggings, jeggings, or any sort of dress pants would go nicely with this top. I chose leggings because I wanted to wear my knee high boots without taking the eye away from the desired focal points. (aka, everything that I linked below!)