Fringe and Lace Up Block Heels


Hello, Lovelies!

Recently I have been experimenting with dressing up certain elements of my closet and this is the perfect example. I am going through a weird phase with my dress pants and we are taking a much needed break from each other. I love cozy dress pants but since I gain all my weight in my bottom region, (I know what an problem!) they don't fit me quite right anymore. I know I need to use this as motivation to lose a few LBs but for now, it is all about jeans! (Specifically these Kensie jeans from TJ Maxx)


This works for me since most people in my office wear jeans on the reg so I am not out of place. As for me, I don't wear jeans without other elements of my outfit to "jazz up". Exhibit A: these Christian Siriano lace up heels from Payless Shoe Source! Can you believe these were only 20 bucks an some change?? Heck yes! I am so glad Payless decided to team up with one of the best previous Project Runway winners to provide an affordable shoe. Whoop!


I actually got this shaw-looking-thing in college at a local tent sale put on by Aggieland Outfitters. It made a brief appearance at a football game but has been hiding in the back of my closet since then. I love shaws but I need to be careful of the bagginess and how it hangs on my broad shoulders. I am not complaining about my body, I just know how it affects the clothing I choose to wear. That is why I encourage the understanding of body types and not all of us can be Victoria Secret models. It is exponentially easier to go shopping when you understand your body.