Working Girl


Hello, Lovelies!

I actually wore this outfit last Friday to work. When I took these pictures I guess I was out during the creep hour of Pensacola. As many of you know, I take most of my photos myself via tripod. (I have amazing friends that I drag out every now and then, don't I sound like a blessing?) On this particular day, I was setting up my tripod and I got whistled at 3 times! This makes me livid! I am not a dog and no woman enjoys that disgusting feeling of being whistled at. I was already pretty upset about that dirtbag and during my mini shoot, I got whistled at 2 MORE TIMES! Not okay. I know that it is viewed as a compliment to them.

Anyways, this outfit consists of my new Loft maxi skirt and a shirt I got from TJ Maxx forever and a day ago. I also got these sandal wedges from Bealls Outlet. Its a really nice outfit with a really nice background that was ruined by 2 idiots. There ya go.