Last Summer Post!


Hello, Lovelies!

Apparently it is too late in the year to wear this dress....BUUUUUUUUT I live in Florida and the rules don't apply to me! I'm not gonna say that I am special, but I don't mind having a forever floral closet. Anyways, I bought this Banana Republic dress when I went to San Diego to the outlet mall (Oh my goodness, quit talking about your dang vacation!). I want to say this dress retailed for around $130. I got it on sale for....wait for it.....drum roll....I'm now dragging it out now for comedic purposes...$21.93!!

These are the Nine West ankle strap, block heels that I've worn all summer. They are a perfect neutral color that can honestly be worn year round (I don't know about the northern folk though, it might be a wee bit to chilly). 

And I'm finally going to say it. I have this ugly Fitbit on in every picture in every blog post (seriously, you can play the game of Find the Fitbit on my blog). It's not even a high tech one; it doesn't even tell time! I really like having a Fitbit and being able to track my activity but the thing is visually displeasing (aka, hideous). There are not any cute bracelets for this version unless I want to drop 200 big ones on a Tory Burch bracelet. I'm sorry, no. I bought a Kate Spade activity tracker but I am having technical difficulties (the app won't sync to the watch). I always forget to take the Fitbit off when I start taking photos. So there it is!