Chilly in Pensacola?


Hello, Lovelies!

This past week, in Pensacola, there was a major cool front which was our saving grace from Hurricane Irma. We barely got any rain but the winds were strong and cool (which is a first in this southern town). It was absolutely perfect weather and I even found myself on the beach Saturday.  However, I wrote this blog post 2 weeks ago when it was still scorching hot so I made minor [edits].

I don't know about y'all, but I love to be comfortable when I am in the office. I sit in a cubical all day, I want to be wearing stretchy clothes that keeps me warm in the freezing building. The problem with layering is that when you walk outside, [usually] Florida hits you hard in the face. The humidity [usually] works with the heat to thaw out my frozen body. Not even seconds after crossing the threshold, I [usually] have to take off my layers (which can be very annoying). This particular duster has more time before its expiration due to the crochet material. I got it from Ross along with a bunch of other cardigans of the same length (I was on a mission and got 3 in tan, black, and gray....I love them!). 

These shoes have been all over my Instagram and I have gotten so many compliments! I got them again from Ross (remember, mission); they are by the brand Report. Bows are definitely my thing (everyone has a thing, don't judge). 

I got this top at Marshall's awhile back and I figured it would be perfect for the summer-to-fall transition. Y'all know how much I love Marshall's finds!

The pants are really not important...aka I don't remember where I bought them from since it was quite some time ago. I had them in college and I remember wearing them to job interviews. That's about all I know about them...mystery pants...