Casual Blazers


Hello, Lovelies!

Good news, I got myself a new camera! By that I mean, I bought an older model Nikon (D3300) off of Facebook Marketplace... so it is new to me. I've been playing around with all of the settings and I still haven't figured it all out yet. I am still taking photos of myself via tripod so it is difficult to be both the photographer and the model. Also, I am taking my lunch break to go out and take these shots of my outfits. So, excuse me if the lighting is tragic in these photos. I am doing the best that I can!


Now enough excuses, lets get straight into the clothes! Yay! You probably already notice some staple pieces that have been in multiple past posts. (Welcome back, long time reader) The Kate Spade purse and the bow ballet flats from Ross make several appearances in my blog because they are my favorites! The Kensie jeans are also worn very often... they are just so darn comfy! That leaves the the peplum top that I got from Marshall's junior section last season for $10 and the LC Lauren Conrad from Kohls navy blazer. I don't wear blazers too often because my work is very casual and I always feel way over dressed. BUT... I can easily dress it down with flats and jeans. I usually pair a blazer with a cotton tee to give it more of a casual vibe. Let me know what you think! What ways can you make a blazer more casual?