Just Spillin' Coffee...


Hello, Lovelies!

This blog features my much need Venti Matcha Soy Latte from Starbucks...basic, right? Well I am completely obsessed with matcha and even when it 100 degrees outside, I will always get it hot (I like it better... deal). Well, this particular cup and lid combo had not been getting along from the moment they entered into my car from the drive thru window. I spilled a little on my center console. Then when getting out of the car (after reassuring they were firmly together), the lid popped off a second time! I won't drag this story out longer than it needs to be (you get the idea) so Cliffs Notes version: this happened a total of 5 TIMES! I spilled most of the damn drink before even getting to enjoy the rest of the contents. My hands were a sticky mess and most likely lost a dollar's amount of drink. Fantastic! At least I didn't spill any on my outfit!


I've been really obsessed with the blazer/jean combo lately. Heels with jeans are also a classic. My favorite Kensie jeans with the  make a cameo in this blog post. The frayed hem line works really well with these Marc Fisher block heels from Payless Shoe Source (plus they are in my favorite color..."Fightin' Texas Aggie Maroon"!). This floral top is a new snag from Marshall's and it pairs well with almost any occasion. I've dressed it down with shorts and up with a midi skirt. That's what you call versatile, folks! The Theory blazer was a TJ Maxx steal! It was a $100 value that I got for $40 and I have definitely gotten my money outta this sucker! Sunglasses are always my Ray-Bans. If I'm going to spend $200 on sunglasses, you better believe that I will wear them til they die!