On Fire

Am I talking about my look or my hair?

WOW, my hair color is fire-y in this post! Don't worry, I got it color corrected since these pictures were taken. I definitely made a bad decision last November when I tried to go red. If you are thinking about dyeing your hair red, just be sure that you are willing to commit. This red definitely overstayed its welcome.

With all that being said, forget the terrible dye job and focus on the outfit. This Ann Taylor wrap dress is sophisticated and stylish. But let me let you in on a little secret, this dress feels like a t-shirt dress. It is so comfortable and soft. The secret to confidence is being comfortable in your skin. The best way to be confident in the work place is not to be focused on what you are wearing. 

I know that these heels are showing up in a lot of blog posts but they are one of the only ones with a height that I can handle. I'll get more adventurous with my heels as my foot heals!