Spring has Sprung

I will no longer start my blog by apologizing profusely for being inconsistent... Starting next blog. I'M SO SORRY!!!

Well it is not really in my control that I lost my will to blog. I'm not going to get into it too much but I broke my foot in January and was in a boot for two months. I could've made an incredibly ugly fashion statement posting new content with my boot... I decided against it because it is pretty difficult maneuvering down my apartment's THREE flights of stairs with crutches. The least amount of time spent on those stairs, the better. So here I am, back at it.

(P.S. don't expect any cute heels anytime soon. I am just as upset as you are, if not more since most of my shoes I can't wear.)

I chose this preppy, sophisticated outfit to start off my spring collection. This top is from one of LC Lauren Conrad's older collections and has been worn to the point that it is near retirement. Another piece of my closet headed straight for the graveyard are these Charming Charlie's cut out flats. I will mourn the day I have to get rid of these puppies. I refuse to do so until I can replace them with something of equal or greater value. I just bought this pleated midi skirt from a local boutique here in Pensacola called Bluetique. To my surprise, it was on the sale rack which fast-tracked its way to my closet. Welcome home, you beautiful skirt!

Like I said time and time again, I choose garments that will enhance my assets and hide my flaws. One of my greatest assets is my small waistline so whenever possible, I wear high waisted bottoms or tops with peplums. In addition, I never thought anything about it before starting to work out, but my back muscles are definitely on my radar! I encourage you to have a look at your assets and come up with ideas to show them off. You'd be surprised what you might come up with. You will also notice how much more confident you will become just by accentuating your favorite features. Have fun finding love for your body!