Sun Dress

It's definitely getting hot in the south this time of year. What does that mean? SUN DRESSES! My goodness me, I love a good sun dresses! I'm breaking out the bold colors and prints for this season. These dresses are so easy to mix and match accessories to create a whole new look! 

Now let me tell you about this dress! So one of my good friends in Pensacola got me HOOKED on Stitch Fix. What is Stitch Fix? It's a monthly box service that sends you clothes! WHAT? Pinch me, I'm dreaming. No? This is real, y'all! You have your own stylist that hand picks pieces per your style. Now, I am a certified shopaholic so it took the whole shopping experience that I crave so much away from me. However, if you hate shopping or live in a small town, this service could definitely work for you and save your wardrobe! I'm not sponsored, this is my absolute, honest opinion... take it for what it is.

This dress was the only piece that I bought from my first "fix". Being my first time, this made sense because the stylist didn't really understand my particular style. It can be hard to capture all your likes and dislikes when it comes to clothes by one online quiz. I gotta say, they stepped it up for my next box because I was IN LOVE with EVERYTHING!!! 

Goodness, this post is capturing my ADD pretty well. :) BACK TO THE DRESS, RACH! I actually wore it to church on Easter Sunday with wedges. Here I paired it with flats and a cardigan to get a more casual Friday look for work. The back of this dress is so precious but my dumb self forgot to take a picture....shucks,,, next time.

I'm so excited to show you the items I got from my second fix!