versatile cardigan


Hello, Lovelies!

Is anyone else in complete summer mode already?

After I got back from vacation, it was a hard transition to go back to work. Plus all the local schools have been getting out and I have never been more jealous. I  need a full summer off again, please! 


So I got this long cardigan that I got from Target earlier this season. I know it is getting to the point in the year where cardigans get pushed to the back of the closet. But if you work in an ice box like my office, this puppy will be a staple item even when its 100 degrees out. Don't worry, it'll be ripped off as soon as I get that hot, humid air hits me at the exit.

Now, I don't usually usually post photos from multiple days of wearing the same item, but screw it! I just redesigned my website so maybe it is time for a layout change as well! The navy dress was on sale at Francesca's that I wrapped a belt around to give it a waist. The pink flats are from Kohl's and they are LC Lauren Conrad. They are getting really dirty because they are my go-to flats (which means they also stink too,,,sorry if that is TMI, they are shoes, people!).


The white tank top was bought from the Loft several years ago. I used to love this top but as I get older and now have a job where I sit all day, my hips have gotten bigger... Short tops show off big hips. (But big bottoms are totally trendy now, Rachel) Yes, but I don't like my focal point to be in the nether region. It's a personal preference. Therefore this top does not escape my closet very often. 

Lastly, my casual outfit consists of converse, a floral tee, and my favorite Kensie jeans all from Marshall's! I get pretty much all my everything from Marshall's which is pretty dangerous!