On Fire

Am I talking about my look or my hair?

WOW, my hair color is fire-y in this post! Don't worry, I got it color corrected since these pictures were taken. I definitely made a bad decision last November when I tried to go red. If you are thinking about dyeing your hair red, just be sure that you are willing to commit. This red definitely overstayed its welcome.

With all that being said, forget the terrible dye job and focus on the outfit. This Ann Taylor wrap dress is sophisticated and stylish. But let me let you in on a little secret, this dress feels like a t-shirt dress. It is so comfortable and soft. The secret to confidence is being comfortable in your skin. The best way to be confident in the work place is not to be focused on what you are wearing. 

I know that these heels are showing up in a lot of blog posts but they are one of the only ones with a height that I can handle. I'll get more adventurous with my heels as my foot heals! 


Sun Dress

It's definitely getting hot in the south this time of year. What does that mean? SUN DRESSES! My goodness me, I love a good sun dresses! I'm breaking out the bold colors and prints for this season. These dresses are so easy to mix and match accessories to create a whole new look! 

Now let me tell you about this dress! So one of my good friends in Pensacola got me HOOKED on Stitch Fix. What is Stitch Fix? It's a monthly box service that sends you clothes! WHAT? Pinch me, I'm dreaming. No? This is real, y'all! You have your own stylist that hand picks pieces per your style. Now, I am a certified shopaholic so it took the whole shopping experience that I crave so much away from me. However, if you hate shopping or live in a small town, this service could definitely work for you and save your wardrobe! I'm not sponsored, this is my absolute, honest opinion... take it for what it is.

This dress was the only piece that I bought from my first "fix". Being my first time, this made sense because the stylist didn't really understand my particular style. It can be hard to capture all your likes and dislikes when it comes to clothes by one online quiz. I gotta say, they stepped it up for my next box because I was IN LOVE with EVERYTHING!!! 

Goodness, this post is capturing my ADD pretty well. :) BACK TO THE DRESS, RACH! I actually wore it to church on Easter Sunday with wedges. Here I paired it with flats and a cardigan to get a more casual Friday look for work. The back of this dress is so precious but my dumb self forgot to take a picture....shucks,,, next time.

I'm so excited to show you the items I got from my second fix!

Pensacola Intro

So this blog post is just a preface for new posts to come. 

I have been inspired by one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Julia Engel (in more ways than one). She is beyond stylish and her hair is TO DYE FOR! (am I punny?) But her fashion and beauty hacks are not what I am talking about here. I am talking about her Charleston guide. I am going to start a segment of my blog where I discuss my favorite areas of Pensacola. This town is a great vacation spot so hopefully I can help a few tourists find the "hidden gems" of the first settlement of America.

Most people don't know the history of Pensacola so you're in for a treat. Don Tristan de Luna somehow stumbled upon Pensacola Bay during his exploration in 1559. This was the first European contact in the United States since it preceded Jamestown by almost 50 years! Unfortunately, the colony was wiped out by a hurricane and at one point NW Florida was deemed "too dangerous to settle". 

Intrigued?? Stay tuned for my newest segment all about Pensacola where I will take you on my many adventures. 

Spring has Sprung

I will no longer start my blog by apologizing profusely for being inconsistent... Starting next blog. I'M SO SORRY!!!

Well it is not really in my control that I lost my will to blog. I'm not going to get into it too much but I broke my foot in January and was in a boot for two months. I could've made an incredibly ugly fashion statement posting new content with my boot... I decided against it because it is pretty difficult maneuvering down my apartment's THREE flights of stairs with crutches. The least amount of time spent on those stairs, the better. So here I am, back at it.

(P.S. don't expect any cute heels anytime soon. I am just as upset as you are, if not more since most of my shoes I can't wear.)

I chose this preppy, sophisticated outfit to start off my spring collection. This top is from one of LC Lauren Conrad's older collections and has been worn to the point that it is near retirement. Another piece of my closet headed straight for the graveyard are these Charming Charlie's cut out flats. I will mourn the day I have to get rid of these puppies. I refuse to do so until I can replace them with something of equal or greater value. I just bought this pleated midi skirt from a local boutique here in Pensacola called Bluetique. To my surprise, it was on the sale rack which fast-tracked its way to my closet. Welcome home, you beautiful skirt!

Like I said time and time again, I choose garments that will enhance my assets and hide my flaws. One of my greatest assets is my small waistline so whenever possible, I wear high waisted bottoms or tops with peplums. In addition, I never thought anything about it before starting to work out, but my back muscles are definitely on my radar! I encourage you to have a look at your assets and come up with ideas to show them off. You'd be surprised what you might come up with. You will also notice how much more confident you will become just by accentuating your favorite features. Have fun finding love for your body!


A Long Time Coming

I'm back from falling off the face of the Earth and orbiting with the moon a few times!

Go ahead, call me a liar... I definitely deserve it for waiting over a month to post after I promised that I would keep y'all in the loop. NOT AN EXCUSE, but I have been busy getting ready for the holidays. I also have been trying to get back into my routine but for some reason, I haven't been able to. I don't know if it is the cool Florida weather or the fact that work has been hectic lately but I cannot get out of bed in the mornings. I usually get all my creative brilliance out onto the computer before I get ready for work. My old schedule consisted of me getting up at 4:30 am to do some yoga, get in a morning run, and add some content to my blog. Lately, I somehow sleep through all seven of my alarms and wake up on my own 30 minutes before I have to leave the house. Some of you might say, "Well, Rach, you shouldn't wake up so early" or "Maybe you should go to bed sooner". That's not the case either! I go to bed 9:30 pm every single night. I just love my bed! 

Now these pictures were taken way before the arctic blast blew across the country this past weekend. Northerners might make fun of me for this but I can't stand weather colder than 60 degrees. I've lived in the south my whole life and I have never seen snow fall and stick to the ground. (No one cares...) Yes, I know, I'm getting to my point! I haven't been able to get out and take pictures because I am a whimp when it comes the cold. Maybe if I had a photographer that would motivate me, I might be willing to stand in the cold to capture pretty pictures.

Now Hiring.

Oh, would you like to know about my outfit? This is a fashion blog after all. Sleeveless sweaters are a Florida fall must! A southern fall consists of frigid mornings, very warm afternoons, and chilly evenings so layers are a girl's friend living here. I paired this turtleneck tunic with leggings and riding boots. I am so glad that denim jackets are making a come back! As you probably know by now, denim tops and jackets are my thing. (jeans...eh...)

Also, don't you just love this blanket scarf???? I have worn it literally all fall! (but you wouldn't have known because I haven't posted at all) Blanket scarves are so nice and versatile. (I have even worn it as a belted shaw!) Would you like one just like mine? Need a last minute Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza gift? Well you're in luck, darling! Click the picture of the blanket scarf below or head over to ilymix.com and there are loads of colors and patterns to choose from! BUT WAIT....I have a gift to all my wonderful readers! Enter the code "Wehring20" and receive 20% off all scarves and sunglasses on the webpage. (Don't worry, this code doesn't expire so if you're too broke from the holidays already, wait until 2017) 

Where Have You Been?

Warning: this post is real life about to hit pretty hard. Prepare yourself...

I realize I haven't posted in quite a while but I am back at it again. I have been trying to get back into my routine but it is pretty difficult without Bentley here. (Don't worry, he didn't die or anything, he is just with the grandparents in Houston) I have been focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and going to Delta Life classes at least twice a week (they kick my butt). I've been eating an organic diet and focusing on my well being so much so that I haven't had a chance to update y'all on my current state of the union. To be completely honest, (which I have always been with y'all) I have been pretty down lately. I was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago and since being medicated, I have been better than I ever have... that is until now. I'm not going to sit here and throw myself a pity party, I'm here to help you understand that this is a very real mental illness or let you know that you are not alone if you are feeling the same way.

Social media has a huge impact on depression even if we don't realize it. When we already have unwanted negative thoughts in our heads and see all the positive things everyone else is doing, those thoughts increase. Of course no one ever posts when they are feeling down or angry. If we did, the world would definitely be more glum. Well just know that even though I am smiling in the pictures that I take, it isn't all sunshine and rainbows over here. I am a real human being and I am pretty blunt so I am not going to pretend that for the past few weeks I was on top of the world. However, since I have been focusing on my health so much, I am finally starting to get out of my slump. You know what that means? More sarcastic blog posts coming right at cha!! 

On the brighter side of things, fall weather hasn't hit Florida yet so it is still in the 70s and 80s. That means that I get to pull off cute booties and dress combos. This season I have been completely obsessed with vests (or what I like to call Florida jackets...{that's not a thing, I just made it up on the spot and to be honest, I don't regret it}). I did a collaboration with ilymix.com which I will do a complete post on that at a later date. (I just got my shipment in yesterday!) So stay tuned for cute blanket scarves and sunglasses with...WHAT... a 20% discount code that...WHAT... never expires???? Is it Christmas yet because this is downright magical!

Love y'all! Thanks for being patient with me!

Wine About It

I'm back in Pensacola now but let's give Nashville one more "hoorah"!

I don't always pose with alcohol but when I do, it's pinot noir. (Also had to hold it in some pictures because a fly flew in it and I didn't want a bug party in my glass) According to Grandma Wehring, pinot noir is the healthiest type of wine. (And just if you don't believe my cute little 83 year old grandmother, I looked up some facts for you) Most red wines contain a phytonutrient that helps fight cancer cells and decreases the chance of brain and heart disease. Pinot noir does all of this plus contains the least amount of calories. (BONUS!) Can you tell my family and I love wine? But this is not a wine blog, and I am certainly not an expert on the subject.

I did a lot of shopping while I was in Nashville. (Definitely spent more than I wanted to but I regret nothing...Hear that account parents?) When packing for Nashville, I didn't take into account that I was going to be there for an entire month and the weather would change. It got a lot colder than I prepared. But there was no reason to panic because I have a gift and it's called shopaholism. (I know, autocorrect, it is not an official "word" but you get what I mean) I went to an outlet mall and walked out with bags all down my arms. Nothing can top this feeling! Everyone looks at you and thinks that you're so rich but they don't know that you still eat mac and cheese from a box every night. So I can happily say that almost my entire fall wardrobe is from Tennessee. That includes this cute floppy hat from a local boutique, the vest that I got from a designer resale shop and this long sleeve tee from Old Navy. 

So now y'all know about my love for wine and my reckless shopping sprees, I ought to wrap this up before I start blogging about more of my issues. (insert winky face)


Fall Florals

If fall and spring decided to have a baby, that kid would be my best friend!

Confession: I love fall but spring is by far my favorite season for fashion. Light pastel colors, flowery prints, CAPRI PANTS! (I could sing the entire Favorite Things song inserting all my beloved spring attire) Fall is my favorite for absolutely everything else. What can beat weekends packed with football, cooler weather, and the coziness of daylight savings? Well, let me just tell you! FLORALS IN THE FALL! Somebody pinch me because surely I am deep in a daydream! NOPE! (Sorry for all the excitement, if I could write this whole post in all caps without y'all thinking I'm completely insane, I would) I LOVE FLORAL! I feel as though nature's equivalent to fashion is its ability to grow flowers. (I know, I know. I just changed your world view) Naturally, we need to celebrate this beautiful occurrence by wearing florals year round. (Woah, slow down, Rachel...one season at a time) Now it is officially trendy to wear florals during the fall months. Of course this only includes the darker prints but rules were made to be broken. (insert scheming face) 

Flowers are one of the top ten things that make me happy. (The other 9 I will get to at a later date) I love photographing gardens and there are fake flowers throughout my entire apartment. Live flowers are great for a short period of time but I am not home often enough to enjoy them to their deserved amount. Growing up, (yup, story time about little Rach) I used to pick my mother bouquets of wild flowers (which I later found out were just weeds) and she would put them in water for us to appreciate them for a few days. My dad would always get upset that there were weeds in a vase on his table. Also, when I was in 2nd grade, my friends and I would always spend recess in a field making flower crowns and other "weed" jewelry. What can I say, I was "blooming" into a flower obsessed fashionista. And look at me now, I am a fashion blogger with bad puns and a sarcastic writing style... dreams do come true! (stay in school, kids)



Hooray, It is officially fall! Also, I took these pictures minutes after falling up the stairs... story of my life.

Stairs are hard but what is even more difficult is dressing for the constantly changing temperature. If you are in the South like I am, you know that the weather in September and October is more fickle than a child with a short attention span. One day you will be sweating your newly make upped face off in shorts and a tank while the next will be sweater weather. How can a fashionista keep up? Honestly, I am not the best at wearing the correct attire for the weather. It seems that even though I look at the temperature before hand, the weather always throws a curveball at me.  However, there are a few actions that you can't go wrong with. So here are my tips for dressing in September and October:

1.  Coordinate with friends or roommates

This is a huge plus especially if your friends have a similar style as you. Y'all can all coordinate outfits where you all suffer together in either the hot or cold. (Somehow this makes it more manageable) When the squad is on the same page, what can go wrong? Once again, I do not have that luxury since my only roommate is my (judgmental) dog, Bentley. I take my best guess and go for it.

2.  Wear layers

Wearing layers is perfect for those southern days that are cold in the morning but warm up to a "slow simmer" in the afternoon. I always bundle in layers because I am constantly freezing cold. My biggest problem with this, however, is that once it gets warm, I now have to carry a bundle of garments. One plus is that it is now trendy to wear sweaters wrapped around the waist. I remember this was a thing back in the early 2000s, growing up. Once I hit middle school the fad finally faded and I couldn't look like a fool at that age! Middle school is serious, you have to carry your own sweaters!!! (or just continue to wear it and become that sweaty kid no one wants to sit by at lunch because they smelled like a dirty sock)

3.  Whatever you decide, rock it

Even if you are not comfortable in the climate, just continue to work it. I've taken advice from my lovely grandmother, Doris, when it comes to being cold or hot. "Mind over matter", she says. The more you think about not shivering/sweating, the less you will. It is important to remain confident even if you don't feel it. I have learned that for every negative thought you have about why you shouldn't have worn that outfit, at least one other stranger is thinking you look damn fine! So stop  with those crazy thoughts and enjoy your day!

I hope this helps with those crazy, southern fall days!


Go Together

When your outfit just goes together, better than the ending Grease song!

This is a prime example where everything just fits. I'm not talking about the fact that everything is the correct size for me. I mean that every piece of clothing matches the next in regards to my own set of guidelines. I will get into to this in detail later but for now, I want to stress the importance of dressing for the occasion. I literally did the complete opposite of this so I'm giving advise based on my own mistake. (you're welcome) I didn't have anywhere to go the night I shot this outfit. (lame, I know) It was much hotter than I realized when I left the hotel and was low key dying at this shoot. If I had somewhere to be, I would have been a pool of sweat on the floor. I should have kept this outfit for Monday when the cool front moved through. (but, I am extremely impatient and will not wait for anyone, including the weather) Also, there is no way I would ever wear this shirt to a place where I am easily excited (like a FTA football game) because I can't lift my arms. You must carry yourself according to your outfit. I would wear this to a nice dinner where I must act like a lady. (and my arms don't get too happy and are kept at my side)

So how does this outfit work according to my standards? First of all, the entire ensemble is dark and I added a little pop with my red lipstick. The neckline of this shirt is very sleek and sexy so I didn't want to take away any character with a big statement necklace. Instead, I went with this small delicate gold choker. This shirt is also on the longer side (almost a tunic) so I paired it with gray leggings. The shirt wouldn't do well with bulky jeans and, in my opinion, would come off a little frumpy. Leggings, jeggings, or any sort of dress pants would go nicely with this top. I chose leggings because I wanted to wear my knee high boots without taking the eye away from the desired focal points. (aka, everything that I linked below!)


Step Up

I updated my site, you like?

Being in Nashville for a month has definitely forced me out of my comfort zone. I usually like to try new things but I hate going alone and if I don't find someone to go with, I end up staying at home. I definitely missed out on a lot of fun experiences due to not finding the right people to go with. Well for the first two weeks of being here, I was completely by myself in a new city, knowing no one. I wasn't about to mope around in my hotel for a month, so researched touristy places to visit. I went around downtown on my own tour and got to enjoy small talk with some locals. I am usually not an advocate for traveling alone, especially as a woman, mainly because I'm overly cautious. I think that we need to experience vulnerability at one point in our lives. Put yourself out there and do what you want, even if that means going solo.

I wore this outfit to an cute little vegetarian restaurant in East Nashville in this up and coming trendy part. I am by no means a vegetarian and love steak just as much as the next southern girl. Since I was on the company's dime, I figured I could try something new and if I didn't like it, I could afford to go somewhere else afterwards. I had a giant salad and (bare with me, now) a Strawberry Vanilla Beet Smoothie. It was absolutely delicious! (which shocked me too) I enjoyed my food but not so much the atmosphere of the place. It seemed as though I received disgusting looks from every person within the joint. I am always friendly and greet everyone I meet and usually get a positive response. The people there were absolutely hands down the most judgmental people I have ever encountered. No one made eye contact but you know when you are getting the side eye. They were not like the Austin, TX or Portland, OR "free spirit" people that I have encountered before. They exuded bad vibes and didn't take kindly to my fashionista style. Oh well, I went ahead and took pictures along the wall of their restaurant.


New Season

Hey y'all, it's almost fall!!

Quick update regarding my page

For those who have been with me since the start of my blog, you probably realize that I have been consistently improving. I am going to add a link to similar items that I am wearing below my post. If you feel inspired, you can directly purchase the product from the appropriate website in one click! You also may realize that this blog is not only fashion but also lifestyle. So far, I have had no structure in the content that I post but from now on, I am going to separate the two. In the world of organization, categories are the oxygen that keeps it alive. I just wanted to give a heads up so that you don't think you are in a foreign place next time you visit!

Now onto this week's blog!

When exactly is fall? Summer ends on Labor Day but the Fall Equinox doesn't come until September 22nd. What happens to the days in between? I say screw the all rules of fashion and raise hell! Just kidding, but it is too hot to jump right into your cozy sweaters and adorable booties. (Especially if your from the south) This is the time of year where I like to go with flowy garments that let in a little breeze. This way I am not sweating my face off. (It took me a half an hour to put on, I'm gonna be beyond angry if it comes off in less than 15 minutes) This flowy top with cold shoulders is exactly what I am talking about especially paired with this black bralette. When I went out to shoot these pictures in downtown Nashville, it was raining slightly. If you know me at all, you understand that my hair is naturally board straight. Not complaining but I had already curled my hair and was not about to let it get ruined as soon as I walked outside. So I stuck it up in this low messy bun (with a non intentional face-framing bang) and 90's inspired choker. These are my favorite pair of jeans and you have probably seen them before. (But Rachel, those are obviously jeggings!) Yes, yes they are, sassy reader. You probably have noticed that I don't wear actual "jeans". There are a few reasons for that: 1) I am 5'3 and either have to get them hemmed in length or taken in at the waist. They don't make jeans for my (or nearly anyone's) exact body shape. 2) They are too think and personally extremely uncomfortable. 3) I love skinny jeans to slim my legs but they are completely unfriendly to any calves with athletic muscle. So if you have any suggestions or antidotes to my jean dilemma, please let me know. Otherwise, I will continue to shamelessly wear jeggings. I also have been wanting some Jack Rogers sandals for a while but cannot bring myself to drop $140. So I bought some knock offs for $20. And I'll beat you to the punch, sassmaster, no I am not ashamed to admit I bought knock offs because that is more money for other trendy items. (insert a "right back at ya" wink) And Bam, there is the whole look. Like promised, here are the links! Let me know if you are inspired or purchased anything I have linked for you!



Good Food

So here has been my week so far...


So I haven't really been eating THAT healthy this week. My week has been a bit stressful thus far. If you don't follow me on snapchat, then you have no clue why this has been such a stressful week for me. (Follow me at: rwehring) I will get to my stressful day later but I want to let you know my eating habits of the week first.

Sunday night, I arrived in Nashville, TN for training for my job. I ate at Panera Bread and ordered one of my favorite menu items, the Kale Caesar Salad with a sweet tea on the side. I love Panera Bread and could eat there everyday if I could. (and I was close to doing so this week) For breakfast on Monday morning, I had the hotel breakfast. This included honeydew melon, grapes, strawberries, egg whites, a hard boiled egg, and cereal. (Not pictured: coffee) I had the same breakfast the next two days so I thought it would be redundant if I took pictures of the same exactly thing. I had Panera Bread again for lunch that day but decided to go with the Greek Quinoa Salad with a green tea on the side. I went downtown for dinner and had brisket, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. Once again, accompanied by a delicious sweet tea. The next day, Tuesday, (aka the worst day of my life) consisted of the same breakfast (minus the cereal) and what I planned to be a vegan lunch. On my way to "Coco Green", I pulled into a parallel parking spot and my front passenger tire decide to explode. As soon as I heard the "pop", I knew that there was going to be no vegan food for me. I luckily had help changing my tire to the spare and drove to a near by Firestone. There was a McDonald's next door and ended up having the Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddle. After going through the process of having this explosion, spending an hour at Firestone as well as $140 (Thank you, Mom), I had to go back to work. Around 5pm, I needed a drink, BAD! So I picked up a six pack of Blue Moon and a Domino's Pizza. This wasn't the most healthy but I really needed some junk food. Today, I ate around the same thing for breakfast and went back to Panera Bread for lunch. I got a greek salad with only cucumbers, feta cheese, and avocado with the same green tea that I love so much. Tonight, (not pictured) I had gouda mac and cheese along with some AMAZING mouse chocolate cake. (No Regrets!) 

Next week, I will be continuously focusing on eating healthy as well as introducing exercise into my routine. I like I am now, I will be completely honest with y'all and if I slip up, I will certainly tell y'all! I am human and I cannot be perfect, it is not in my DNA. Cut me some slack before judging. Keep following my journey!!


In a Rut?

Oh, hey! It's been a minute, hasn't it?

So I had a mini break from posting my blog last week but I am totally back now!

We have all had that time period where we feel as though we are in a rut. Everything is a routine and everyday seems to go the same way. We have the same conversations over and over with our coworkers and all tasks are just as mundane as the day before. We turn ourselves on autopilot and realize our lives are just passing us by. This is where I currently am. Summer is officially over and many can relate to the everyday monotonous schedule of school or work. I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know the cure to this common crisis. I will, however, admit that I am human just like you and will try new ways to improve my happiness while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So I invite you to join me in the process of getting out of our rut. We are in this together!

Most people find it very difficult to change their lifestyle because they go about it all the wrong way. They try to change everything at once. You can totally do this for a week but you won't be able to keep it going because it is absolutely exhausting! Also, we live in an instant gratification society that will not continue a routine if it isn't providing results within a certain amount of time. So I will give some suggestions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and you can choose to go on this journey with me. If you are completely happy and content with your current routine, and just would like to see my adventure, that is totally fine too! I am just doing this because I am already 6 feet deep in this giant rut that I made for myself. You can't change overnight and won't be yourself if you try to change EVERYTHING. Take it day by day, week by week, month by month if you have to.

For the next four weeks, I will be in Nashville, TN for a work related training trip. I will use this time to develop a routine that I will hopefully adopt full time when I go back to Pensacola. Each week I will be focusing on a different healthy practice. This week I am focusing on eating healthy. I will document my choices and by the end of the week, I will give an update on my mood, and feeling. This is totally experimental but I have high hopes!

By the way, for those who really only come here for the outfit inspiration, I haven't forgot about you! I got this cute army green blazer for really cheap at Body Central. Shocked? So, was I when I found this gem. True story behind this purchase was that I was in desperate need of a stylish ensemble for a date later that night. If you know anything about shopping in College Station, TX, you'll know that you won't find the Post Oak Mall reliable. That mall consists of vacant spaces where shops SHOULD go. Anyways, found this, had an amazing date (S/O to Tyler) and now it serves its purpose in making me look chic af. (I did drop the af here, don't judge.) My tank was a recent purchase from... don't make me lie... probably Marshall's or TJ Max. The pants are Michael Kohrs (most likely bought from Marshall's or TJ Max). The heels are so cute from Kohl's but me being super impatient, wanted them instantly so I bought a half size too small. I couldn't wait to go home and buy them online. Now my feet pay the price every time I wear them. I barely can feel my toes but look how fierce they make me!



This is for all those college kids about to have adulthood thrust upon them.

When I graduated college, all I wanted was structure. I could not stand the fact that one day I had four classes and the next I had none. This of course was the anal, uptight me speaking. I figured that if I stuck to a schedule, then I could plan out my day better and get more things done. I was warned of the monotony of the 8-5 work day but was optimistic that I would still be productive. Hahaha! If I could go back, I would slap that stupid smile off my own face! It is one thing to be optimistic about adult life but it is another to think that I could be superwoman. It is a miracle if I do my own laundry within three weeks rather than let it pile up. Everything that I do, I have to give up something else for. I'm a flipping clown at a circus trying to juggle all my responsibilities. Can I afford being dead at work tomorrow to go to the last local baseball game of the year tonight? Should I give up eating a nice meal for these darling shoes? Does my dog hate me because I am going out this Friday? Should I save my calories for dessert because this breakfast muffin looks too good to pass up! Some might look at my "problems" and laugh. (Don't worry, I'm laughing too in between my tears) My life literally consists of my job, my dog, and my blog. Everything else is a variable given these 3 constants. (and yes, I did just go science-y on y'all... I am an engineer after all) Since my time is limited each day, I have to prioritize and end up sacrificing a lot. I am still trying to figure out life so I am completely open to any suggestions on time management. I thought I had a good grasp but I am quickly realizing that my life is flying by. I'd give anything just to build a fort from a blanket, grab a few bags of Doritos and not come out for a week.


Being Present

I will forewarn you that this week's post is less about fashion and more about my personal lifestyle.

Moving to Pensacola was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It is not because of all the cute naval flight students (that is just a bonus). It is because of the relaxed, laid back lifestyle. I am used to the fast paced, impatient attitude of the average Houstonian. I am a planner that is three steps ahead of myself at all times. This trait, although not completely undesirable, made me more uptight than any crazy bride on Bridezillas. The smallest things that went wrong were equivalent to World War 3 in my head because it ruined several steps of the sequence I had planned. I lost quite a few friends that couldn't handle my stress levels. I couldn't understand why they couldn't see my issues from my point of view. 

Pensacola forced me to change my lifestyle. The little beach town taught me to be spontaneous and live in the now. This in itself has made me realize I shouldn't live in my imagination of how my future should be and become depressed once it didn't pan out to how I envisioned. I don't recommend that way of life to anyone. I also discovered the power of meditation. I've been active in yoga classes since the 8th grade but just enjoyed the ASMR of the last 5 minutes of class. Recently, I have really focused on being present and living in the moment. This simple little task has helped me and my happiness immensely. I feel more fulfilled and content every day and every moment. I have ditched most of my anxiety and depression by changing these few things in my life. I encourage you to find a way to enjoy every single moment that you are in without worrying about the future or dwelling in the past.

Leave a comment if you are a meditation expert in disguise or found a different way to be present. Too shy? Send me an email at whatisshewehring@gmail.com; I want to hear your story!


Express yourself

Do you, girl! (or guy. I am open to everyone!)

So I have posted on how clothes may give you confidence but have yet to explain how confidence can really affect your day to day life. Once your feel good about yourself in your own skin, you have better posture, you smile more, and you are all around more approachable. In today's society, I consider it a compliment when a stranger approaches me. Since our world revolves around our own lives and our attention is held by our phones, if somebody takes a second to look up, I feel blessed that they choose me out of everyone around to talk to. This also depends where you live, too. I wouldn't take it as such a compliment if I was approached by someone who is about to mug me. But even then, I look expensive enough to someone that they want to take from me. (insert shrug?) 

I've noticed that as soon as I started my job and began dressing more put together, I felt lighter and can focus on becoming  a successful woman. I went from dressing like a college kid wearing giant t-shirts and homeless apparel (no hate on college kids because I have definitely had my days) to wearing designer clothes. Most people believe that this is superficial but I look at it as investing in first impressions. Nothing is free and you just have to decide what is important to you. Personally, I think that first impressions are kinda a big deal and appearance is a major influence. I want my first impression to give off the same vibe that my personality would. This way, I attract the sort of people that might get along with my personality. (Yeah, Rachel, we know all of this. We have all attended high school) Okay, sarcastic reader, but the adult world is a little more difficult. Although I have only been an adult for, what, 3 months now, I can give just a bit of insight. Guess what, y'all? Adults must work. Mind blown? This doesn't mean that you have to immediately dress like a 51 year-old woman, right, mom? (My mom's style is very similar to mine and she doesn't look a day over 29) Personal style is very important in the work place for the simple fact that you should feel like yourself. Now, your attire should be tasteful and appropriate to your position. I cannot stress to you enough that when you force yourself to wear clothes that just aren't you, you will feel uncomfortable all day and therefore your job will suffer. If you dress bomb and got yourself together, you will kick some major butt. If you do have to wear a uniform, use accessories to express your style. Dressing yourself is one of the best way to express yourself, it is an art.

Today you can tell your friends that you gained insight on the intellectual discussion of self expression. Did they seem jealous? Well don't be selfish! Share this post with them and watch as the lightbulb clicks on in their heads. Y'all are welcome.


Comfortably Stylish

Y'all, I figured out the secret of life!! 

This small little piece of advice will allow you to get where you want to go in life. Some of y'all who don't believe in the power of fashion and personal style may be skeptical. But personally, I believe that comfort leads to confidence which indirectly leads to success. When I feel comfortable in my own skin or the clothes that I wear, I can take on the world. When my clothes properly fit me and I'm not constantly tugging or readjusting anything, I am pretty much having a good day. Now comfort does not equal gross ill-fitting grungy clothing. (Don't get that twisted!) I'm about to get real personal with y'all. I have social anxiety and I have the absolute worst thoughts running through my head constantly. It has prevented me from feeling confident for the longest time. Thoughts would cross my mind that people perceived me as ugly or thought my clothes weren't up to their standards. I would have friends tell me all the time to not care what people thought of me. But with this form of anxiety, it is nearly impossible. I found that those thoughts were silenced once I found clothes that I didn't have pull up or down and I felt put together. When your mind is clear, you can focus on what is really important. Be the best, most successful you that you can possibly be.

This dress is so easy to wear because the hem and neck line are both pretty modest. It is from Kohl's in the LC Lauren Conrad Collection. I paired it with a black blazer which I got over 7 years ago from Forever 21 but the fit is beyond perfect. What is the most comfy dress shoe? Ummm...my black pointed toe flats which are also from Kohl's. Introducing my Kate Spade handbag! I bought this bag with my first paycheck from my internship last summer. SO WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am obsessed with Kate Spade! Add a belt, some pearls, and red lipstick and you've got an a stylish comfy outfit. I kicked some major butt in this ensemble!


Hot Heels

Today, I brought y'all to the beautiful park downtown. Also, don't mean to toot my own horn, but look who is getting better at photography! 


Today was the first day in two and a half months that I repeated an outfit at work. I try my hardest to go as long as possible without repeating outfits so that I wear all garments in my closet. This way when I go back in and realize that I haven't worn something in several "cycles" of my closet, I know to get rid of it. I can't help but love this dress. I, of course, didn't copy the complete outfit but added new accessories. This belt matches my red high heels perfectly. (I know, you don't have to tell me how hot these kicks are) I channelled my inner Kellie Pickler and kick guys to the curb in these babies. It's a song, y'all... like a need shoes to do that. (insert winking face)

Let me break this outfit down for you. The dress is from Charming Charlie along with the gold watch that you see very often. The heels are actually from Shoe Depot that I got for a really good deal. To be honest, I have only worn them 3 times. I feel as though you need a reason to wear them but maybe I'm wrong. 

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Romper Probs

Decided to bring Bentley along to this shoot. You will soon realize why this was a mistake.

I spy a lounging pup.

I spy a lounging pup.

Still there.

Still there.

Go away!

Go away!

I seriously didn't notice him until I saw the pictures later.

I seriously didn't notice him until I saw the pictures later.

So as you can tell, I could have easily cropped him out of all of these pictures but I thought it was a hoot. The way he is just hanging out and still manages to model better than I am gives you an idea Bentley's personality. This is my dog and he is a diva.

Now to me. (What we really came here for) I love this romper but I will caution you, DO YOUR BUSINESS BEFORE YOU PUT IT ON. Going to the bathroom is near impossible with this contraption because this particular romper is tied in the back. This is so cute when it is on but it is borderline hilarious trying to tie yourself into the darn thing. For most, they can get their roommate or hubby to help them. Me, I have Bent and he has that unfazed, judgmental look when I am scrambling around trying to tie it. USELESS! Okay, now I am done bashing this piece of clothing (and my dog). I wore my black lace bralette underneath but a bandeau would have worked just as well. Here are my lace up heels again! I told you, I am obsessed! The romper and heels are from TJ Maxx and the cute pink satchel is from Kohl's. The watch and thin bangle is Charming Charlie and the "Texas" necklace is from my best friend, Sara. (I am not sure where she got it but you will certainly see it just as much as you see these heels)

I hope that you enjoyed my little rant. Be sure to comment below if you have ever had a similar problem or just let me know how I am doing. If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe and come back on Wednesday for my next post. Love y'all!